Post raya run

By: miwqa

Aug 19 2013

Category: Run

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Salam. Manage to run around the Cempaka Lake on Sunday morning. I usually opt for long distance on sundays as i would have more energy and less heat from the sun. That run was a good one but far off my best timing. Total 10kilometres with average speed of 9.45km/hr. I thought at 7kilometre mark my muscles already drained all the energy in me, exactly when reaching 8kilometer i can feel sudden resurge in energy, maybe the honey intake prior running just kicked in. Overall it was a nice run After whole month hiatus. Hoping to run faster for upcoming 21km in september, The Putrajaya Night run.

Issues during this run.
1. My pace usually dropped during 4-8kilometers before picking up again.
2. I still don’t have proper diet planning, only took 4 spoons of honey prior running.
3. My target pace for 10km should be 5.30min/km, currently doing slow 6.30min/km.

Kindly comment.


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