By: miwqa

May 02 2011


Category: Aisyah, islamic


Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D40X

Hana: “Nak.”

Abah: Hmm?

Hana: “Nak, nak.” walking towards tempat sangkut baju.

Abah: Ignore mode.

Hana: “Nak, nak, nak, nak”, non stop while pulling all those clothes and hijab.
Owh,someone is angry.

Abah: “Nak yang ni?”, pointing at her mother’s cloth.

Hana: “Nanak” shook her head*

Abah:”Oh, this one?”,pointing at the hijab.

Hana: “Nak, Nak”,she nods and put a big smile.
Once the hijab was put on, she made a takbir gesture.
When I checked,it is just the time for Zohor prayer. Ouch.


*She meant “No”.


3 comments on “Solat”

  1. salam..thanx drop by @ my blog.
    waaa so clever eh..actually, kalau dapt baby gurl, nama aisyah dalam our list..tengah mengejas2 lagi nak buh nama apa if dpt bb gurl…nama bb boy dah ade..ehehhe

  2. hana…..syukur alhamdulillah….moga hana terus membesar dengan akhlak yang mulia..:)

  3. I guess your lovely daughter Hana giving you full of happiness and joy in your life. Children is one of amanah from Him so it is depends on the parents untuk mencorakkan warna-warna kehidupan masa hadapan mereka. Dan seelok² nya kita cuba untuk melentur buluh dari rebungnya. Wallahualam.

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