Mini review: Pre-school TV Series

Finally Hana had figured the function of the mysterious black box. Yes she’s started to enjoy TVs and YouTube (I know, kids these days). As a parent particularly a father, I’m “forced” to watch anything she wanted,no you couldn’t escape,(Lagi-lagi Mama dia busy study untuk Master exam). Even though sometimes I have no clue what she asked for, from my ‘experience as a YouTube moderator’ ,this is what I came out with,the series that made her glued in front of the screen. Bare in mind, this review is only for non-local,non Islamic content (which of course she also enjoyed)

This is her magic word ” Nak Bar”. Bar means Barney but not necessary she wanted to watch it. Rating base on how long she can watch the same episode over and over again.

Dibo the Gift Dragon.
As the tittle, It’s centered around a dragon who likes to make his friends happy by, surprise, giving gifts. 3d Visual technique were used. The world,called Cozy Land seems made from soft toys and textile, vibrant and colourful. His friends are Elo, Annie, Bunny and Cro who have challenges and make wishes.
Hana rates it :A
Abah rates it : A

Timmy Time.
It’s Timmy Time. The same producer as the famous Chicken Run, Shaun The Sheep and Wallace and Gromit, The Aardmann Studio. Timmy the little lamb is a 3 years old (Lamb year) who embarked on his pre-school year and meets other animals on the farm. It’s fun with a lot of catchy music with cute dance.
Hana rates it :B.
Abah rates it :A+ (Abah dia yang lebih)

Ugh. How can you prevent your child from watching this famous purple dinosaur. Dinosaur shouldn’t sing,to children some more. Well, you have to admit, children love to see fun dinosaur singing and dancing,period. I bet if parents have the ability to sing and dance, they dont mind to switch. Thankfully the period was over. Hana rarely watch Barney anymore but the damage has been done to her dad. Yes. B.I.N.G.O, I love you, you love me, we are happy family.Anyhow,here’s the rating:
Hana rates it :A++. “Nak Bar, Nak Bar”.at the background.
Abah rates it :F- (A nightmare)

Have to mention her first favourite TV series was Pocoyo.

So, papas and mamas, you should know you child favorites TV show or else, you won’t know who is Dibo, Timmy, Barney, Pororo, Pocoyo etc lol. Have you guys have any other suggestions? Ada cadangan siri TV lain yang menarik untuk kanak-kanak?


4 comments on “Mini review: Pre-school TV Series”

  1. sesame street?

  2. Barney best whattt… syok je layan.

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