Fasten your seatbelt please.

By: miwqa

Apr 29 2011


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Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D40X

How many of you still fasten their seat belt these days (during driving of course). As I got my license, before making any trip downtown, everything had to be sure safe. Seat adjustment check, rear and side mirrors check, gear in neutral position check and last but not least, seat belt check.

After years of driving (almost 10 years of driving experience) all those seem not important anymore. I noticed that today I drove the car without a fasten seat belt, for entire journey, even though the car kept on beeping and screaming (wear your seat belt, wear your seat belt),until it died by itself.

Seems that the only thing that can remind me to wear those seat belt are the policemen doing road blocks.

Life is priceless. At least do change for your loved one.

Ah, nice Friday sermon. There was a Singaporean Malay commenting about current Malaysian politic; “Walaupun kami di perintah bangsa lain,kami lemah dari segi ekonomi, pelajaran dan sosial, tetapi kami tidak sejijik melayu di Malaysia”.

Above: A car is a liability,never an investment


2 comments on “Fasten your seatbelt please.”

  1. cantiknya..saya pun guna model yg sama..dah lama tak join outing photography

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