By: miwqa

Apr 22 2011

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D40X


Early morning headache is bad. You still have one whole day to endure. I wonder why its happen. Probably due to malposition of my head or simply because I was dehydrated of not drinking well before went to sleep. Solution?, nowdays I simply take PCM. Talking about PCM, my father usually not keen for any of his beloved childrens to easily take PCM whenever we like.,but since entering med school,it kind of a magical tablet.

I remembered when I was climbing mount Kinabalu, with very severe headache (Im not fit enough yet I know) which prompt me to take 6 tablets in one go.

PCM;Paracetamol, brand name include Panadol,Uphamol. Beware,overdose can cause liver failure thus death. Read the instruction guys.

Above: Talking about a a climb,taken on Broga Hill.


3 comments on “Headache”

  1. Kalau akak, tidur je dulu. Malas nak makan ubat. Sebab lepas tu badan jadi lenguh.

  2. masalahnye pening yang ni disebabkan tidur,bila tidur lagi pening.hehe

  3. Lerr..itu disebabkan terlebih tidur kut..haha

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