By: miwqa

Feb 14 2011

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D40X

Welcome home to my dear younger brother and sister,Haidar and Husna. It must be an extraordinary journey from Mansurah-Cairo-Jeddah-KL.Husna even got to fly with Charlie (Airforce). She had to sit on the floor for 3 hours with minimal Oxygen.Mane got to vomit due unbearable headache. I haven’t met them for about 3 years ,as Haidar said he only plan to be back home after he finishes his study..and this is the first time Aisyah got to know her uncle and auntie.Well,she seems perplexed initially :).

I had a dream of killing innocent life last night. The feeling (of killing) is unbearable. It took me 5 minutes after woke up to realized it was a dream..and I am glad that I actually did’nt do it.

This morning there is also an interesting economic news, China has overtaken Japan on No 2 spots of world economic power (import and export plus investment). The US remain at the top. Economist forecasting that China would topple The US in 10 years time.

Oh well,Microsoft and Nokia has tied the wedding knot. They made to crush Android as their wedding vow.


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