Aisyah’s new passport

By: miwqa

Jan 23 2011

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I’m surprised that Immigration office actually opens during weekends. Yes, both weekends, Saturday and Sunday, off course until 1pm only. I’m not sure other places however, as I went to Immigration Office at Perhentian Kajang, Jalan Reko Kajang. The best thing is, there were only few,very few people doing their business there.

Here some tips on making passport for a baby below 2 years old.

1. The child must be accompany by a parent (either father or mother), must bring your CHILD !!!
2. The accompanying parent must bring his/her original IC and a photocopied one. (If you are a husband,no need to bring your wife IC nor its photocopy).
3. Never forget the child’s original birth certificate and its photocopy.
4. There is no need to bring My Kid nor its photocopy.
5. There is a form that need to be filled at the office,the form will cost RM 1.
6. You need 2 copy of passport sized photo of your child.
7. The price for 2 years valid passport is RM 100, if you make it 5 years, it only cost you RM 150 (50% off).

Aisyah’s new passport,isn’t she cute

Owh, it took only 30 minutes for the passport to be ready (the officer promise me in 1 hour). I remembered few years back the passport will be ready only after 2 hours.

Site note, if you go to Immigration Office during weekdays, there is a fast lane for child and elderly. Some office even has breastfeeding facility like ones in Kajang.

Now she can travel 🙂


One comment on “Aisyah’s new passport”

  1. Weee!!! Aisyah jom ikut mak long travel oversea..hehe

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