I need a gadget vs I want one.

Currently I’m looking for smartphones for my wife. Plenty of them in the market make it difficult to choose and they are not cheap.

I like Android’s phone very much,

Why android? I think because of its openness. It’s flexibility and the apps. Much more it is a powerful OS even in the weakest body. Android also goes in different form. You have wide range of choice, from HTC,sammy, Motorola even CSL (LoL). Sorry, Nokia not in the equation. The system is mature enough with hundreds of thousands apps available in the system.

but at current rate the OS is evolving,it’s like today’s spanking brand new phone is next month’s dino-phone. Currently the OS mostly stuck at Froyo V2.2, early next year it will upgraded to Gingerbread V2.3. What with the naming? Cool isn it?

Next would be windows phone. The spanking new OS in the block. Not following the path of both Android and Iphone, it boast itself as people’s phone.

Err, maybe I’ll finish this entry later on.


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