Kelantan the champion

At last, Kelantan won their first Piala Malaysia.No,I did’nt watch the match.

I have not watch local football match in full since I was in secondary school. We all know why, because it taste bad. It was so bad till it made you think that you can play better than the players. This is what would happen when corruption creeping into the game. Then the performance worsen,our national team become a bunch of school kids chasing shadows of the opposition team.

Then,no more import players that spice up the league.
Everyone remembers Abbas Saad, John Hunter etc.(somehow the harder I try to recall their names,no avail) The days when we Malaysian love to watch, listen to the radio-match even watch replays over and over, all ,but history.

I have passion on football.The greatest team game on earth.
Arsenal and The Red Giant (Merah Kuning) fan.


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