By: miwqa

Oct 23 2010

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One of my patient is dying. Dying of having a cancer,an advanced Gastric Cancer.Iv’e been taking care of her (more of ..assigned for her) for the past 2 months.

As usual every morning I’ll be stopping by (doing my morning round) to say hello. Makcik ok?Sakit macam mana?Masih muntah-muntah?Ada demam?.

She had a total gastrectomy (the stomach cut and thrown away), to make matter worst, she had severe adhesion secondary to scar tissues which causing obstructed gut.Thus, she can’t swallow, even her own saliva!!.She relied on her TPN (total peripheral nutrition) which means we feed her through her veins..18 hours a day!!

Cancer patient will have,cancer pain.She relies on morphine, yes, a strong steroidal analgesics.On top of that she had fentanyl patch 200mcg every 3 days. That would knock even a rugby player.

She has 3 childrens..all of them are boys. The eldest is 23. Amazingly they shared the same birthday which is on the31st August !!! He is strong. He knows what comes next, what to expect of terminally ill mother. His father passed away few years back. Currently he managed to take care every needs of a his lovely mother while at the same time he has to go for his practical work in Cyberjaya.At times he will ask me questions regarding to his mother’s illness,what is she jaundice?why is she’s having fever?why is she keeps on vomiting?.And the ultimate question,ever ask, why on earth is she having a cancer? Is it because her diet? She is young,she’s only on her 40’s.

Today I stopped by her room (I’ve been transferred to male ward for 2 weeks and not seen her since). Her eyes close tightly.Her breathing is laboured.Her expression told me she is in pain. She is semi-concious. Her family members continuously reciting the Yassin..

On my way down, to get to my car,as I’m about to go home and meet my beloved wife and daughter, I passed by a nurse pushing a baby cot, I smile to her. My thought was that she’s carying a newborn baby which, always bring happiness to all. but to my shocking ,the baby was wrapped completely, from head to toe,and he’s not moving.

Dear friends,death doesn’t wait, once decided,it will not wait nor delayed.Even for 1/1000 sec.
Innalillah wa inna ilaihi roji’un


One comment on “Dying”

  1. never thought it really happens in real life.
    that sort of thing,

    thought it only happens to be in movie.

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