The End

I have been here almost 2 years. 3 months to go before everything is history.To make things less interesting, my last posting is Surgical.Really,surgical? Im too nice to be a surgeon.

In 3 months life will and would be different..And for sure, I’ll be working in different Hospital.Just hoping to get any Hospital nearest to my family.Even Seremban is considered near at this time. Aisyah is growing up,she grows her teeth and eating..alot, every day is a joy.

She’s a beauty.She’s 9 months old. She’s healthy and thriving. Playful and explores. Last weekend we had a nice Iftar with my side of family. Aisyah still having difficulty adjusting to unrecognised faces. But she plays well with Abang wan,abang tareeq and abang sa’eed who is not well.

Ramadhan, 10 days left..where am I.

Tomorrow we are celebrating 52years of independance.Im stuck doing my oncall. Time to sign out.Im having a rest.



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