By: miwqa

Jun 02 2010

Category: Uncategorized


I like to write in english. It’s a good practice as I dont speak much of it. But I have a major weakness with it.

At times when I make an entry,some good concern person will subconsciously uttered your grammar is wrong.Truthfully it takes my motivation away.They dont even pointed which part of it is wrong, and when asked, they answer please learn proper english.Do don’t even care about the story i’m trying to convey.sigh.

Know what, I don’t care much, but i know i’ll get better. I’ll keep writing in this much hated langguage even a million peeps repeatedly say ‘your grammar is wrong’.


3 comments on “Grammar”

  1. im facing the same demotivating people ;(

  2. awww…i love u no matter what ur english=)
    at least u try

  3. never give up. practice makes dont die when your grammar is wrong. read lah story books.( bacakan kat Aisyah hehe)

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