Whats up

By: miwqa

Jan 14 2010

Category: Uncategorized


Aisyah Hana is growing. She is chubbier,heavier and cuter. Current weight ~5 kg. Last night she refused to sleep and keep waking her mum up. I bet she just wanted someone to hold and cuddle her. Like her mom said, “dia takut gelap”..but then her father couldn’t sleep if the light left open. She closed her eyes at 2AM !!!. Today she slept all the way until 4pm.

Forgive me,Im oncall today, so I have to sleep early last night, left her mom ‘melayan karenah’ Aisyah Hana. Anak abah.


3 comments on “Whats up”

  1. kami dah 1 tahun tak tidur gelap rasanye… kena beli lampu kuning (lampu tido).

  2. pakai cermin mata hitam

  3. ha..dgr tu abg..

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