Aisyah Hana

By: miwqa

Dec 22 2009

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Alhamdulillah. On the 22/11/09 she was born. She’s beautiful. She’s loving. Aisyah given by Aneesa. We are grateful. Everything..almost everything is about her. Her smells, her cries and her wet diapers..(to tell you guys I do diapers)

Im officially a tad older. At least I do feel something. Some of you grown up feels.

Ironically im doing paediatric at the moment. Everywhere I look there will be kidos. Running and screaming around.

It’s hard to no think about my baby. It’s harder to leave her every morning knowing you’ll miss her growing up.

Can I not be a doctor anymore?


One comment on “Aisyah Hana”

  1. dah jadi new papa syndrome, macam lan dulu hehe. yup, aisyah hana is a very beaitiful baby. kimsalam aneesa.

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