Almost there

By: miwqa

Nov 14 2009

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Salam. I just had my medical rotation exit viva yesterday, it was okay. I think it was sufficient to let me through and having my nice awaited long holiday. Yes, it is long awaited and it is long holiday.

Medical is a good rotation, although prior engaging the posting, I have thought of learning as much as I can. In the end, long story made short,I was unable to achieved my target. But still I do learn a lot.

Working with human is so stressful. We humans have needs, emotions, hate , anger and we have our own personal life. As long as its doesn’t make other colleague suffer,you can have all your off days/holidays and make your oncalls the way you want. Everyone has their chance, don’t ever take it from others.

It’s nice to be important person, but it is more important to be nice.-Rob from Everybody loves Raymond.

Im hoping everything will be smooth for my wife. I m trying my best to comfort her with her difficulty. She has been pregnant for the past 9 months. I couldn’t assume what she feel at this moment but surely as all mothers expecting deliveries out there, they feel worried and scared.

I need more money. I have mortgages to pay you know. Aku sudah jadi hamba kebendaan, hamba membayar hutang.hehe. Nah, my salary should be enough.

La’insyakartum La’azidannakum.

Congratulations to Hazleen for her first baby. Enjoy your baby as much as you can. Will see you guys tomorrow.


One comment on “Almost there”

  1. on call pun sempat tulis entry?hmm..

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