By: miwqa

Sep 04 2009

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In medical we like trending. White cell count trending,BP trending, glucose trending etc.The trend with my entries is that, new post will be posted usually when my wife is oncall.I know, it’s not related.

Today i had another rough day in medical.3 of my patients collapsed.1 of them passed away.Even though his not malaysian, he still is a human.The most sad part is that they dont have someone they love at side.One of them even wrote a whom i don’t know. They know they are dying. 3 CPR in 1 morning..and fasting.Thankfully putrajaya has aircond.

In oncall tomorrow.Pray for peaceful and uneventful oncall.

Good luck to my sister,just arrived in Egypt for furthering her studies.
Happy Ramadhan everyone.
All living die eventually.
Goodluck to all housemansss


One comment on “Trending”

  1. ya! bro..need to polish kasi kilat ur written english la..heh

    thanks to all medical personnel out there for ur non-stop work, make it liLlahi taala, so that u’ll reap multifold of thawaab..

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