A nest

By: miwqa

Aug 31 2009

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Finally I bough a house. Of course with a signifficant cost. At least 1 thing has settled while awaiting my newborn.

My sister going to Egypt tomorrow. I havent get the chances to even break fast with my family in Klang. Housemanship is killing me slowly. Even last nigh a patient collapse in the brink of break fast. I only ate something almost 2 hours later (exaggerating). Sadly we all have another year of pity housemanship year.

I will have a quick trip back to Klang.
Husna will be raya’ing in Egypt with Haidar then. Better give them some duit raya.


3 comments on “A nest”

  1. Nmpk tuff btol life dkt housemanship.

    Moga Abg Hanif dimdhkan segala urusan.

    Kalau ade lebihan duit raya, blh je kirim untuk ana di mesir. (dgn nada berseloroh)

    salam ramadhan.

  2. that’s why i never want to be a doctor..just tought to be a veterinar back then..(macam betul je speaking..haha)

    mesir x terima ringgit..(just to remind)

  3. Beli rumah kat mana Hanif? Berapa harga dia?
    Downpayment berapa?

    Jeles ah macam ni, akak pun tak mampu lagi nak beli rumah 😛

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